Yesterday was a big day for me (for a number of reasons). I accepted a position with a Production/Artist Management Company in New York, had my first experience writing a letter of resignation and giving my notice to my current employer, and had a fair dose of personal life upheaval. Even though I have plenty of time to get things in order before my July 1 move to the city, my love for organization got me started on one of my famous “to-do lists” this afternoon…and let’s be honest, I needed a project to keep my mind busy. The list so far:

  • Find an affordable apartment in a charming neighborhood with an easy commute to midtown*
  • Organize contacts (because those need to be in order before a move)
  • Write thank you cards to my new colleagues and my amazing references
  • Order personal business cards
  • Pack up my current apartment

Ok so actually the first thing on the list was to go out, get trashed and tear up the dance floor with my Hartford family- I love crossing an item off a list. Anyway, the above is a very preliminary and scattered draft; as it evolves, so will this blog. Want to see my move from Hartford > NYC and transition into a city boy? Stay tuned.

Also- I have the chance to sublet an apartment in Hamilton Heights (which is part of Harlem, yes?) for July and August. For under $500/mo I can’t turn it down, right? It’ll give me a chance to get settled and discover some new neighborhoods. Thoughts?

* – I’ll find it, I swear!



  1. Rachel O. said

    Good on you, Shmool! Judi just moved to Washington Heights-I know you guys don’t talk much these days, but she might have some advice on areas.

  2. Jared said

    Thanks, Rachel! I’ve heard great things about Washington Heights. I’ll have to check it out. Hope you’re well and congrats on your engagement!

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