Treasure Hunt

My search for the perfect affordable New York City apartment in a charming neighborhood with a 30-minute (or less) commute to midtown feels like a treasure hunt. The map? Craigslist, of course. And, aided by friends and Facebook, it’s actually been an easy map to navigate. Once my move became public, friends came out of the woodwork to offer rooms and suggest neighborhoods and sublets. 1st stop on the map? A July & August sublet in Hamilton Heights, Harlem for $440/month- I’m spending part of Memorial Day weekend checking out the place & neighborhood. The other part of that weekend will be spent exploring Astoria, Queens with good friends Katie and Sarah- they have a room opening in their apartment in September. Stay tuned for a full report of both apartments/neighborhoods…

But a boy’s got to keep his options open, right? My move put me back in touch with Sarah, another good friend from college who is also planning a move to NYC this summer. After a few Facebook messages back-and-forth, Sarah and I discovered we have similar timelines and budgets AND she doesn’t mind that the pup will be a 3rd roommate (don’t worry, more on him later). So, even though we’re both keeping our options open, we’ll go ahead and do a search together. Neighborhoods under consideration:

          » Inwood/Washington Heights
          » Harlem
          » South Slope
          » Greenwood Heights
          » Astoria
          » Sunnyside

Craigslist is telling me that this perfect affordable New York City apartment in a…(you know the rest) actually exists in the above neighborhoods; there are lots of results in BK and Manhattan. HOWEVER, where are all the Queens apartments listed?! Many of my actor friends live affordably in Astoria but I’m seeing very few apartments listed in the neighborhood (and even fewer in Sunnyside). So actors, share the wealth- is there some secret Queens-only treasure map that I’m missing? And I thought Craig had it all…

Oh, I’m totally open to other neighborhood suggestions so feel free!


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  1. Katie said

    Honestly, babe, our Astoria apartment search was not an easy one either. We went through a broker. I feel like as soon as Astoria became the popular place it now is, all of the good places got snatched up! Also, I know that there are specific times of year in each New York neighborhood when it’s “good” to look for apartments. Astoria’s time might not be right now? Dunno…. Loving following your search though 🙂 xoxo

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