I’m Jared. I like coffee, limes, and wearing ties. As far fetched as it may sound, these three things exemplify my personality. Drinking coffee is a soothing, routine act, lime (the fruit and color) exemplifies a vibrant energy, and wearing ties represents my passion for my career and structure. So that’s me in a lime peel.

I’m moving to New York in July to start a job as an assistant at a theatrical production and artist management company. I’ve spent the last six years in Hartford, CT. After finishing undergrad at U of Hartford, I took a job as an executive assistant at a regional theatre in the area, thus extending my stay in “New England’s Rising Star.” So, in the past two years, I started my professional career, lived alone in a studio apartment, experienced all the ups and downs of my first long-term relationship, discovered a passion for community building, filed my taxes on my own for the first time, and built a social network without the built in support the university atmosphere provides. Now? I’m uprooting it all to start a new chapter in New York. A chapter I’ve been well-prepared for by my time in Hartford.

I’ll use this blog to document this transition in my life and my experiences in New York. Watch me move.



  1. jen said

    Well written and clever jared. My neice blogs on wordpress too. She lived in nyc forever. Did well in finance and china consulate (stidied madarin in college) and now is workin on being a writer full time and bac in CT. We aren’t close due to her parents (my bro) divorce when she was little but might be worth u findin her blog and

  2. jen said

    Pickin her brain. She very artsy and still rooted in nnyc. Kourtney heintz. Good luck! And indira arroyo used to live in hollander moved bac to brooklyn where she grew up. Ill recommend u her friend on fB. Her daughter madison u might remember as cute blonde afro curley hair cutie wit glasses?

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