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I need some cof…

I need some coffee.


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Project Time!


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And here’s (some of) my life in boxes

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I forgot the before picture but here’s the after.

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Decorating Dollars

You can tell a lot about someone by exploring his bedroom/apartment. New chapter….new bedroom! I recently came across, a website that offers incredible sample sales on home decor. If you’re also moving to a new apartment/house or want to give your space a new vibe, sign up here! You earn reward dollars for referring people. Help a brother out!

Oh, how great is this Emeco chair made from recycled coke bottles??…it’s lime 🙂 Thanks,

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Bloggers can you hear me?

Anyone know of any Astoria blogs I should follow? Gotta get familiar with the ‘hood.

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Anyone know anything about/have experience with

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