I forgot the before picture but here’s the after.


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Decorating Dollars

You can tell a lot about someone by exploring his bedroom/apartment. New chapter….new bedroom! I recently came across fab.com, a website that offers incredible sample sales on home decor. If you’re also moving to a new apartment/house or want to give your space a new vibe, sign up here! You earn reward dollars for referring people. Help a brother out!

Oh, how great is this Emeco chair made from recycled coke bottles??…it’s lime ūüôā Thanks, fab.com

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Bloggers can you hear me?

Anyone know of any Astoria blogs I should follow? Gotta get familiar with the ‘hood.

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To Do: Procrastinate

It started with “I need a night off” and has become “I need to spend time with my friends before I move” and “well there isn’t really anything I can be doing right now.” Procrastination. Friends and colleagues often tell me how “well put-together” I appear. And sure, I can generally agree with that observation; I like structure, organization, and planning- a trait that got me into some trouble in my relationship. ¬†Despite this quality, I have a tendency of falling into procrastination ruts. Since I was so on top of things when I began planning this transition, I’ve convinced myself that it’s ok to slack off a bit now. And it is ok, isn’t it? I’ve been diligent in so many areas: looking for an apartment, exploring neighborhoods, tying up miscellaneous loose ends in Hartford (I just made a vet appointment for the pup), and budgeting for my new life in New York.¬†I even convinced myself that watching Bette Middler in Gypsy on Netflix is productive (hey, it relates to my career, right?). Ok, all if this makes it seem like I’ve been very productive but there’s one area where procrastination has taken over: Packing.

Maybe it’s because the details of my lease aren’t 100% firm yet or maybe it’s because I still have another three weeks, but I can’t seem to touch the pile of boxes, bubble wrap, and packing tape that is taking up precious space in my studio apartment. While I’m still waiting for an exact date when the current subletters are moving out of my to-be bedroom, one way or another I’ll be living in New York by July 1 and I know that once I dive into packing, my organizational skills will kick into overdrive and it’ll be an exciting, cleansing process…but it can wait until the weekend.

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A Place to Call Home

I spent the first half of my Memorial Day weekend scoping out NYC neighborhoods. The second half was spent brooding over all the wonderful possibilities. After my Happy Hour Bus Ride on Thursday evening, I made my way into Astoria, Queens and met up with my dear friend and former roommate, Katie. Did I mention Katie has a room opening in her 4-bedroom Astoria apartment? After a quick tour of the apartment, an incredible meal at a Greek cafe in the hood, and some drunken debauchery at a local bar, we hit the hay to prepare for a day of hunting. This is what I woke up to:

Pretty serene for an NYC apartment right near the subway, right? After some hot, shweaty time walking around Astoria, Sunnyside (adequately named as there was no shade in sight), and Hamilton Heights, it was pretty clear that Astoria is the place for me. I’ve spent a year and a half living in downtown Hartford, having to drive to the suburbs to see much street life. Astoria has a¬†noticeably¬†young, artistic vibe, great ethnic offerings (note the Greek cafe I mentioned above), reasonable rents, and an easy commute to midtown…when we stumbled upon a¬†synagogue, this Jewish boy felt right at home. It is most definitely a thriving community. Could I live in Sunnyside or Hamilton Heights for a bit cheaper? Possibly. But I have an incredible opportunity to live with some of my best friends in an apartment right near the subway¬†with affordable rent and an 18 minute commute to my office…and there’s plenty of closet space for all my ties. So I did my due diligence by exploring a few neighborhoods but my answer is pretty clear, right? See the full photo tour of my trip here. And now we move into “negotiation” mode. I can’t wait until this is all signed, sealed, delivered. June is going to fly by.

My trip to the city also included catching my friend’s show, The Drunk, at Center Stage; it was so refreshing to see a talented, young group of artists putting on a show. I told you I’d get it all in.

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Hunting Trip #1

Living RoomLiving RoomLiving RoomKitchenBathroom
Delicious ViewBackyardBroadway Meat Market
Astoria Street ViewGuacamoleAstoria ParkAstoria ParkAstoria Center of IsraelSunnyside Arch

Hunting Trip #1, a set on Flickr.

Watch me move

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Beans and Scenes

As I sit at my desk with my Starbucks Via Iced Coffee, my good friend and fellow producer, Dougie, is giving away a $5 Starbucks giftcard. Head over to his blog, A Producer in Progress, for a chance to win…I love the idea of a pre-show coffee tasting to engage and caffienate the audience! Now we just need to get Dougie to NYC.

In other news, I’m getting closer and closer to securing an apartment. More on my trip soon…

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