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Furniture Facelift

You know what I love? The Apple Store. I was having some problems with my 6-month old iPhone 4 so I made a Genius Bar appointment, proved that my home button was unresponsive and walked out with a brand spankin’ new phone. I didn’t even have to whip out the gay sass that I’ve often needed to get what I want out of customer service. I could have used some sass to upgrade to the white version but you gotta pick your battles, ya know?

You know what I hate? Walking out of the Apple Store with a new iPhone and having to revert to my last back-up. When I brought the new phone home, I synced up with my computer and realized that the last time I backed up my phone was June 14, four days before my epic dresser adventure with Kera. You all remember how I planned to transport, sand, stain, and paint my dresser and nightstands, right? Well, it was a success. My grandparents bought the pieces in the 1960’s and I inherited them when they retired to Delray Beach and I moved into my first apartment in Hartford. After a few years of saying how I wanted to refinish the pieces,Kera pushed me in the right direction. She offered her truck, he father’s shop, her assistance, and some booze (because what’s a tool belt without a beer in hand?). The 1960’s mod style dresser is now a fabulous retro avocado/lime green (shocking, I know) and the nightstands are sanded, primed, and awaiting a creative idea.

Now for a little metaphor: the whole process was like shedding a layer of skin. Taking a piece of furniture that I’ve had for 5 years, re-imagining it, and using my own physical labor to accomplish the refurbishment was the perfect therapy to kick the move to a new city. Because I put creative and manual work into it, it was much more therapeutic than going out to buy a new dresser…and it’ll look freakin’ awesome in my new apartment!

So, while I lost all the great photos of me in booty shorts, a tool belt, and power tools in hand, here is the before and after:

I should go into furniture refurbishment, don’t you think? Anyway, 3 days until the move!



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