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Can anyone suggest a hotel in Astoria? Preferably near the Broadway stop. My parents are coming to check out my new hood next weekend and they need a local place to stay. Comments would be greatly appreciated!

…oh, I know you’re all dying to see how the dresser came out. It looks amazing. Now I just need to sit down and debrief on the whole lifting/sanding/staining/painting experience. Hold tight.


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Bus Time Happy Hour

Does anyone else love that overwhelming feeling of anxiety that comes along with big life changes? I originally intended that as a sarcastic statement, but now that I think about it, that anxiety is actually a good thing. It of course means that I have a lot to deal with between now and the big move in July but it also signals that an epic life change is on the horizon- a change I’m more than excited for. Therefore, anxiety = excitement?…let’s go with that for now.

Some days are more exciting that others. Today was a particularly exciting day. I’ve been planning this Memorial Day weekend trip to NYC for a little while but, due to circumstances out of my control and my “it’ll all come together” attitude, I found today’s to-do list completely overwhelming. During today’s lunch break, I packed a weekend bag (no easy task for a gay man who likes his options), found a dog sitter, bought a bus ticket, and made a sandwich (man’s gotta eat). Needless to say, I tackled the list and even had time for an outfit change. I’m on the Megabus, en route to my new city, rocking out to Born This Way, and sipping on a water bottle cosmo, and the sun is finally shining. What could be better?

So I’m off to start my search by scoping out some neighborhoods…I also get to be with my best friend/former roommate, Katie. Katie lives in Astoria, Queens, and has a room opening in her place in September. We’ll spend Friday exploring Astoria, Sunnyside, and Woodside in Queens. On Saturday Katie is venturing out of the city for a Memorial Day party so I’ll do a solo trip into Manhattan to walk around Hamilton Heights, Washington Heights, and Inwood. I figure once I get a feel for some neighborhoods, I’ll feel much better about going through an apartment hunt. I’m also checking out a potential July/August sublet in Morningside Heights on Saturday. AND I’d love to catch a show…too much for one day? I’ll make it happen.

Oh- My sister’s been sending her followers my way and I just got a text from mom saying “Hope you have a great time in ny, this is the beginning of a new chapter for you! xoxo.” I have the best family.

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